The Best VPN Services 2017 – Buying Guide

Are you worried about losing your online privacy or tired of the irritating geo-restrictions? Are these hampering your business performance or ruining your gaming experience? Technology has brought up a splendid solution to make your internet experience better than ever- a VPN aka virtual private network.

We, at BookMyVPN have developed an informative platform to help you understand what VPNs are and how to select the best VPN. There are hundreds of VPNs available in the market today, but it’s quite a challenge to pick the right one at the best price. We have made it easy for you to pick the right one through our top-notch VPN comparisons and high quality product reviews.



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  • 709 high speed servers in 57 countries
  • 1000+ IP Addresses
  • 6 devices under one account
  • Double encryption with chat
  • 30-days Money back Guarantee

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Over all Best of Best - Beginners, no log policy and superb performance


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  • 145 servers in 94 countries
  • 20000+ IP Addresses
  • Superb server speeds
  • Great customer support
  • 30-days Money back Guarantee

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Excellent speed and privacy, ideal for media streaming


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  • 750+ servers in over 60 countries
  • 40000+ IP Addresses
  • Torrenting anonymously
  • 5 devices under one account
  • 7-days Money back Guarantee

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Torrenting & Business


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  • 750 servers in 141 countries
  • 88000 IP Addresses
  • New Virtual router feature for Windows
  • Guaranteed 99.9% server uptime
  • 5 devices under one account
  • 7-days Money back Guarantee

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Business and Sports Streaming


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  • 700+ servers in 70 countries
  • 200000+ IP Addresses
  • Easy to use for all devices
  • Chameleon Technology to prevent VPN ban
  • 30-day Money back Guarantee

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High speed servers, business and media streaming


Helpful Tips & Guidelines

Check out our top 5 helpful tips to consider while buying a VPN Subscription!

  • Tip #1: Identify the best VPN that suits perfectly for your needs. This would help you make an informed buying decision. Most popular VPN categories are business and personal utility VPNs.
  • Tip #2: Find out the device compatibility before you buy to avoid any problems post-purchase.
  • Tip #3: It’s important to know the global network coverage of the VPN provider you are choosing. A wide global network ensures better server accessibility and greater speeds while you are online.
  • Tip #4: Product reviews are your best friends here! Read them thoroughly to find out the important features you want in your choice of VPN. We have some of the best and well-researched VPN reviews for you at BookMyVPN.
  • Tip #5: Check the special offers available for your VPN. Often, there are heavy discounts on long duration subscriptions.

VPN Benefits

Have a look at the benefits you can enjoy using a good VPN:

  • Robust online safety
  • High-degree privacy
  • Great reliability
  • Unrestricted Web Access
  • Fast & safe Media Streaming

Do I Need A VPN?

Wondering whether you need a VPN for your device? You surely need one, if you fulfil any of these!

  • I am concerned about my security and privacy online.
  • I want to get rid of geographically restrictions on websites without getting tracked.
  • I am a frequent internet user at public places like cyber cafés, coffee shops, Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • I love to watch movies and media streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other websites.
  • I am a frequent traveler, who needs to travel to different countries for work or holidays!

Did You Know

Here are some amazing facts about VPN you’d love to know!

  • The concept of a VPN was formulated by a Microsoft employee back in 1996!
  • Today, there are 1 out of 4 people using a VPN in the world!
  • You can get a cheaper flight ticket or hotel booking with the help of a VPN!
  • You can access a website of a different country with just a click of a button!


We would love to help you with your queries regarding topics on VPN. Some of the most frequently asked questions are given below:

Q. How does a VPN protect my device?

A VPN uses a set of encryption protocols like IPsec, SSL or PPTP to code your data securely.

Q. Am I completely anonymous on a VPN server?

Most of the VPN providers have a “no logging” policy. Yet, you cannot be completely anonymous as some data might be collected for your better assistance purposes.

Q. Is it easy to set up a VPN on any device?

Each device has its own set up process. It is usually very easy to set up as instructions are always provided with screenshots for your reference.

Q. Can I connect more than one device with a single VPN connection?

Yes. This depends on the VPN provider you choose and the subscription you purchase.

For more such questions and detailed answers, you can visit our VPN FAQ page.

Editor's Pick Top Deal of 2017


Torrenting & Business VPN

5 Devices per License

5-8 min. Setup Time

  • Servers: 750+
  • Countries: 60+
  • IPs: 40000+

$6.49/ month

7 Money-back guarantee


Best of best VPN to Buy

6 Devices per License

5-8 min. Setup Time

  • Servers: 709
  • Countries: 57
  • IPs: 1000+

$3.29/ month

30 Money-back guarantee


Fastest VPN

3 Devices per License

5 min. Setup Time

  • Servers: 145
  • Countries: 94
  • IPs: 20000+

$6.66/ month

30 Money-back guarantee

What We Recommend

Make the best use of BookMyVPN by following these 3 simple steps:

1. Check out our Buying Guide to learn in detail about VPNs

2. Compare the Top VPNs and read the comprehensive expert product reviews

3. Select the best VPN and go for it!