10 Advantages & Benefits of VPN

Advancing technology has significantly boosted the growth of Internet of Things (IOT), which means more and more devices are internet-enabled. This also means a greater threat to privacy and security of the user while using the internet. The VPN is a popular tool used by internet users worldwide to protect their privacy while working online. The benefits of using a VPN are many, extending to private and corporate sectors alike. Some of the advantages of using a VPN include unrestricted access to the web, enhanced security, and better productivity in business.

The article focuses on informing the readers about the benefits of using VPN on devices like smartphones, iPads, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, desktops and laptops. Read on to know more!

Advantages of VPN

1. Digital Security Guard

VPN establishes a secure connection between your device and the website on a public network. It becomes your online security guard that protects your data from being tracked or misused. This is done with the help of a sophisticated encryption mechanism that does the job of coding the private data securely. Most of the VPN servers come with a 256 bit encryption for maximum protection.

2. No Hacking, No Tracking.

There are various VPN Tunnelling protocols used to ensure that your data is encapsulated securely on the server. Some popular encryption protocols include IPsec, L2TP, SSL and PPTP. Whether you are banking, trading, gaming or torrenting, VPN will shield you from unwanted tracking and hacking activities.

3. Never Be Seen

Another advantage of using VPN is that no one can track your online activities except the VPN provider, which is not an issue at all because that has “No-Log” policy. They often do not store any of your confidential data on their servers and if they do, it is for your assistance only. You are protected from being monitored by your ISP while transmitting data traffic over a VPN server. So, browse remotely on a VPN server from anywhere without having your IP address revealed.

4. Online Privacy

It is often better to be safe rather than sorry. Buying a good VPN would keep you off from hackers who try to steal sensitive information to their advantage. Privacy is the key benefit of using a VPN, be it for business or personal use. It would be better to choose a VPN provider that has a “no log” policy if you are concerned about your data privacy.

5. Stay Private in Public

If you are using public networks frequently, then your online safety might be at risk. A VPN would solve this problem by creating a layer of security and protect you from data theft. Places such as cybercafés and public Wi-Fi spots are common targets by hackers. So, a VPN would be the best option to be safe online while using such networks.

Benefits of VPN

6. Freedom of Access

Another major benefit of using a VPN is gaining unrestricted access to various websites which may be blocked by government agencies due to the geographic location of the user. You can enjoy unrestricted media streaming, uploading and downloading content securely on the VPN servers irrespective of the country you are in. Good VPN providers often have an extensive distribution network for users to ensure internet freedom.

7. Multitasking on VPN

Most of the VPN providers allow connecting more than one device at a time. You can multitask by working on different devices for your business use, media streaming, gaming and much more. The number of devices supported under one account depends on the VPN provider you choose and the subscription you purchase. So, the advantage for you is that you save time and energy by multitasking over a single VPN network.

8. Maximize Efficiency

A good VPN would boost your overall efficiency in whatever activity you are doing online. For example, if you are into an online business, then you can easily maintain a customer database privately on a VPN server. There are different packages offered by VPN providers at varying prices depending on the features offered. Most of the VPN providers have their servers covering all the countries of the world for better efficiency.

9. Speed & Reliability

There is a big advantage of using VPN for users if they need to get work done online quickly and safely. VPN provides good speeds for data transmission between your device and the internet, making it faster to upload or download information.

Reliability is taken care of by a feature known as the “kill switch” offered by most of the reputed VPN providers. The kill-switch ensures that your data is not exposed to the unsafe internet traffic by disconnecting you from the internet in case of a connection failure. It is recommended to check whether this feature is available for the VPN you choose to pay for.

10. Great Device Compatibility

Today, most of the devices associated with the Internet of Things (IOT) are supported by most of the VPN services available in the industry. You can use a VPN on practically any device that allows internet connectivity. There are dedicated VPN services for different devices for example:

  • VPN for iPad/iPhone (iOS)
  • VPN for Android
  • VPN for Desktops/Laptops (Mac/Windows)
  • VPN for Wireless Infidelity (Wi-Fi Routers)
  • VPN for Gaming Consoles

The Bottom Line

A strong conclusion for this article is that, undoubtedly, the benefits outweigh the cost. This means that the number of benefits offered by a VPN to make your online experience richer, safer and better are way higher than the price you need to pay for availing these. The benefits of using a VPN for business, phones, routers, etc., are worth the price paid to be honest. If it’s for online privacy, there is nothing better than a good VPN. You can compare top VPN service provider here to choose best.

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