Content Writers Requirement

​Hi Harsh (harsh_m97) - kindly fill up below form.

We are looking to build the team of creative copywriter expert to contribute unique, authentic, creative & valuable content to women health website on regular basis.

Website Topics:

VPN & Online Privacy Guide

Content Quality Guideline:

1. Must write creative content (don’t accept rewritten/spun content)

2. Must be in-depth long length content on the targeted topic that covers full information

3. Keep in mind users first & then SEO

4. All writing must be in "natural" English (USA) with perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation.

5. Need more on How to, tips & tricks, guideline, what to do, how to do, what not to do, top of something, etc. type content

6. Engaging content that keep reader interested to read full of content & other articles on the website too.

Writers Quality:

1. Only require experience writer.

2. Must be perfect in English, grammar, spelling, etc. to make error free copy.

3. Regular & hard worker, quick response

4. Be on time every time

5. Available on skype or Gtalk every time (very responsive person)

6. Enthusiastic to produce thrilling & awesome content rather than just complete the article

How to Write Article:

1. Must be main point, sub point, bullet point wise content to get fast scan of article

2. Don’t want very very long paragraph, make small small paragraphs

3. Friendly & professional pitch type articles

4. You can covers & includes the references of internal other articles (inter linking) & also some outside authentic references in the article to make it real authentic source for complete information.

How to apply:

1. Tell us a brief explanation on why you would be the best for the job.

2. Provide past similar topic or any technology topic content (valuable/how to/tricks/tips/in-depth) you have done in your application.

If you think you can create unique, creative & valuable content then you can apply with your sample contents.

Fill the Form To Apply:​

    Once I review your application & if it’s look something worth to discuss then we can discuss further.

    Thanks for your reading.

    See You in our Team!