NordVPN Review 2017 – In-depth Buyer’s Guide & User Reviews

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Features: 5.0
Ease of Use: 4.9
Pricing: 5.0

Number of Servers


Number of Countries


Number of IPs


Devices per License



2048 bit

Approximate Setup Time

5 to 8 minutes

Compatible Apps

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers and Linux

Bandwidth Limit




Starting Price

$11.95 per month (monthly plan)

Best Price

$5.75 per month (12 month plan)

Current Best Deal

$3.29 per month (24 month plan) – 72% OFF

Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

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NordVPN, as the name suggests, is a leading virtual private network (VPN) provider based in Panama which has over 200,000 customers served globally. NordVPN offers high speed VPN services on its vast global network that covers 57 countries and has around 709 servers updated daily. NordVPN can help boosting the business efficiency by providing a state-of-the art encryption technology which ensures the organization- a fully secure payment system and confidential data protection. These services not only extend to business, but also to various other online activities like media streaming, music, gaming and much more. Read on to know more about the wide range of features offered by NordVPN and the best deals available.

Range of Features

1. No Log Policy

NordVPN considers the privacy of the customers a top priority along with the quality of services offered. The key benefit for the user is that all of the online activity done by using NordVPN is kept completely anonymous.

"No log Policy" essentially means that none of the online activity is recorded or saved in their systems. This ensures 100% privacy for the users uploading or downloading data.

2. Dual VPN Encryption

Today, cyber security is of a great concern in the growing e-commerce industry. Considering this view, NordVPN has engineered a double data encryption system to enhance the privacy and anonymity of user data.

The information is passed through two different VPN servers resulting in dual-encryption and a change in the internet protocol (IP) address. In the end, the data is double encrypted, highly secure and fully confidential.

3. High Speed Servers

NordVPN offers high speed data transmission through a well-connected global network that extends to 57 countries having 709 servers worldwide.

The growing number of VPN servers ensure that the server-loads are kept at their minimum, enabling better transfer speeds and enhanced efficiency. Users can enjoy high speed VPN for live streaming, peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, gaming and much more.

4. Personalized IP Address

This one is for those who wish to purchase a personal static IP address for their use. Users can get their own personal static IP addresses for their business related work like accessing databases and handling data on multiple servers.

A personalized static IP address would enable the user to get a new IP every day, thus enhancing security. This facility is available for an additional fee. Currently, the Personalized IP address facility is available in the US, Germany, UK and Netherlands.

5. Automatic Kill Switch

NordVPN ensures that the user data safety and privacy is never compromised in case of a server connection failure. This feature has been introduced for both the products - NordVPN software and Mobile App. Here's how this feature works depending on the device being used:

a) For Windows/Mac: If using the NordVPN software on Windows PC/Mac, then the automatic kill switch feature would allow the user to select the applications to be terminated in case of a connection failure. This would ensure that there is no leakage of sensitive data on the Internet.

b) For Android/iOS: If using the mobile application, then the auto-kill switch would instantly disconnect internet access to the user's mobile, keeping all the applications running without getting exposed to the internet traffic in an event of a connection failure.

6. Allows P2P Activities

NordVPN allows peer-to-peer activities unlike the other standard IP providers which do not allow these activities. This feature is aimed to enable seamless transfer of files and data to a server or a group.

Businesses can benefit from this feature by sharing, syncing or transferring their confidential data privately across servers through multiple devices. The user can be an uploader as well as a downloader simultaneously, making it easier to share files.

7. Supports Multiple Devices

Multitasking is made simpler and faster, as NordVPN allows the users to access up to 6 devices at a time under one account. One can enjoy gaming, media streaming, secure Wi-Fi access and much more just under one VPN account.

Users can use a laptop/PC for uploading files or intensive gaming and mobile for streaming and your Play Station too! All these activities are possible under one account, as NordVPN supports a maximum of 6 devices simultaneously.

8. Smart Play by NordVPN

One can now seamlessly access streaming websites with the help of Smart Play, a feature that allows users to access geographically restricted websites. This feature has been highly appreciated by the users who are travelling more often.

This technology is available for all types of products offered by default. The remote servers allow users to access the restricted websites very easily. Some of the 150+ popular streaming websites one can gain access to using Smart Play include Amazon Prime, Discovery, Vevo, Food Network and many more.

9. Easy to Use

The VPN servers are designed to meet the user's expectations in the best possible manner. A lot of research and testing has been done to provide the users with maximum security, speed and efficiency through applications and software which run on most of the available operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS and Macintosh.

10. Payment by Bitcoin

NordVPN is the only secured-VPN provider that accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment. This eliminates the risk of storing credit card/PayPal details for a long period of time. By paying through Bitcoin, you need not store your card details on their website, thus enhancing safety and making it easier to pay or receive the amount you transact for.


  • Highly secure connection
  • Double encryption for enhanced safety
  • Easy to Use
  • Great global network
  • Supports multiple devices (up to 6)
  • Free proxies (up to 3000)


  • Does not support iPv6 yet
  • Inability to tackle ad-blocker

NordVPN Plans & Pricing

NordVPN offers three types of plans which are categorized according to the period of subscription. Users can choose from monthly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions. The annual plan would be best suited for business use, and the monthly plan for short term use.

NordVPN price
  • Monthly plan @ $11.95 per month (Billed as $11.95 pm)
  • 6-months plan @ $7.00 per month (Billed as $42.00 for 6 months)
  • Annual plan @ $5.75 per month (Billed as $69.00 for 12 months)

How to Use: Directions with Screenshots (Windows 10)

1. Download the NordVPN software for windows from here:

NordVPN Download

2. After downloading NordVPN software, click on the latest.exe file to proceed with the installation.

NordVPN installation

3. Click on ‘Yes” when this dialog box appears on the screen.

NordVPN setup 1

4. Users can check the components they wish to install with the software. Select the first one.

NordVPN setup 2

5. Click on the “Install” button to complete the installation process.

NordVPN setup 3

6. Users need to run the application and enter their login credentials: the username and password

NordVPN setup 4

7. Users will see this map as shown below after logging in successfully.

NordVPN setup 5

8. Now, the users can click on the “Quick Connect” button located at the centre of the application.

NordVPN setup 6

9. Upon successful connection, the server location will be shown as a green indicator on the map as shown below

NordVPN setup 7

10. Finally, users can close their server connection by clicking on “Disconnect” button as shown in the below screenshot

NordVPN setup 8

Speed & Reliability

NordVPN offers super-fast VPN services to suit the user's needs, be it for business or media streaming, uploading and gaming. They have set up a great online architecture backed with high-end technology to provide the users with high speed data transmission without any compromise on safety and privacy. The ultra-fast television servers are dedicated for uninterrupted media streaming.

Coming to reliability, NordVPN has "no log policy" as their USP. This means, complete anonymity and privacy. Besides, they also have a double data encryption in place for extra encryption and enhanced security.

What if the server connection fails?

The solution - the auto-kill switch provides the users with a guarantee that their data will not be exposed to any internet traffic. The switch will automatically disconnect them from the internet, keeping your applications still active. So, reliability is never compromised with NordVPN.

Security & Privacy

No compromise on security whatsoever. NordVPN features a DNS Leak Resolver system which prevents any leakage of sensitive information that is unencrypted. This ensures that there is no breach of privacy of user data transmitted through the VPN servers. Besides, NordVPN also offers double VPN encryption and No Log policy as discussed above.


More Reasons to Choose NordVPN

  • Provides encrypted chat facility
  • Great pricing and discounts
  • Great network coverage globally
  • Good for business use
  • Users get 3 Days Trial before purchasing

NordVPN Use for Services

i) NordVPN for Gaming: Users can enjoy super-fast gaming experience with NordVPN on PC, mobile or gaming console. They also get access to geographically blocked IP addresses while playing online games. So, users need not to worry about their location when using the VPN service. This can be done for up to 6 devices which means one can have up to six gaming consoles running at one go.

ii) NordVPN for Torrenting: Users can use NordVPN for torrent uploading and downloading. Getting access to multiple torrent websites like BitTorrent, U-Torrent and many more is made easy. They have a wide range of countries covered on their network for downloading movies, games and software via torrent.

iii) NordVPN for Business: NordVPN has dedicated software for business use. There are a wide range of safety features available for users who are into business. Double encryption and no log policy are a perfect combination for a business that requires to store a large amount of corporate data which is often confidential.

iv) NordVPN for Media Streaming: NordVPN offers high speed VPN servers for uninterrupted media streaming for various websites like Amazon Prime, Discovery, Cartoon Network, Netflix and many more. Users have been happy with NordVPN as they were able to access various websites which were blocked due to location difference. The Ultra-Fast TV servers have been quite useful for high-speed streaming.

v) NordVPN Compatibility: NordVPN is compatible with Windows OS (Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 10), Macintosh Os (X) and Chrome OS. The mobile application is supported on Android and iOS platforms. Other operating systems include Linux, Tomato, Raspberry Pi, Blackberry and many more.

vi) NordVPN for P2P Services: NordVPN can be used for peer-to-peer transfer of files and data through the encrypted servers. There are numerous customized servers available for users for accessing P2P services. This is best suited for users who are into business and are searching for reliable VPN services to share confidential data among a huge audience.

Customer Support

The users are quite happy with the 24/7 customer support offered by NordVPN. They have a team of highly knowledgeable representatives who promptly tend to the queries asked by the users. The support system is well-organized with a ticketing system, live chat, email and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. To make it easier, they have an updated knowledge-base and a blog to keep the users informed about new updates.

FAQs & Additional Tips

1. Is IPv6 supported by NordVPN?

No. They are planning to introduce this facility soon this year.

2. Is any data or information stored on the servers?

No. The "No log policy" is followed strictly. The user data is never stored on any of the VPN servers used on NordVPN.

3. Can I change the Username/Password of the account?

Yes. This can be done by following these steps:

  • ​Log in to the account
  • Click on the profile
  • Enter the new password & confirm
  • Update the new password through email link

4. How is the user privacy maintained?

This is done by creating a "tunnel" through which the data is sent or received. This "tunnel" is highly encrypted to an extent of 256 bits for user privacy.

5. How many devices are supported simultaneously?

A total of 6 devices can be used under one account simultaneously.

6. Unable to connect to VPN Server?

Contact the help center or fill in the contact form by including the operating system, name of the server and any error codes that are shown. Alternatively, users can use the live chat facility for getting the problems addressed promptly.


Summing up, NordVPN has been quite successful in achieving its objectives. The users are quite happy with the features offered by them. The privacy features, server speeds, compatibility, global network and customer support have received positive feedback from users for providing high quality services at affordable prices.

NordVPN has been much appreciated by users on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Overall, NordVPN offers a premium quality VPN service that is customizable by the users for their personal or business use. A worthy investment to be frank.