Why Use a VPN

A virtual private network simply means a private connection between your device(s) and the internet. The concept of VPN has gained popularity over time and would soon be a necessity for the sake of online privacy and security. Now the question arises, why should I use a VPN? A VPN has a great utility to make your online experience faster, safer and more accessible. The biggest advantage of having a VPN is its unblocking ability along with maximum user security.

The article focuses on the various utilities of a VPN that would make you want to use a VPN on your device right away.

Why Should You Use a VPN?

A VPN is a powerful tool that ensures complete online privacy and security for the user. There are many more utilities of a VPN which would surely convince you to get one.

1. Business Utility

Today, most of the businesses are established online and have multiple branches situated at different locations. A site-to-site VPN is the best option for businesses to transmit corporate data to such groups/branches securely over the internet. There are many VPN providers that offer VPN packages for business use.

2. Media Streaming

There are hundreds of new viruses created on the World Wide Web today, infecting many websites and the users who visit them. A VPN helps to prevent such virus attacks on your device quite effectively through inbuilt firewalls. Besides, there are many entertainment websites which are blocked by regulatory agencies due to location issues. So, why use VPN? A VPN allows you to get access to all your favourite websites irrespective of your location. Enjoy secure uninterrupted media streaming on websites like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc.

3. Gaming like a Pro

A VPN often allows you to connect multiple devices at a time. You can connect your gaming consoles, smartphones, PC or tablets to a single VPN network and enjoy gaming without getting restricted due to your geo-location. You can unblock online gaming websites with a VPN connection and enjoy online gaming too!

4. Torrenting Securely

Downloading movies, software, games and much more using torrents is faster and safer when done on a VPN network. You are less likely to have a virus on your device with a VPN than without having one. So, download fearlessly on torrent websites like UTorrent, Torrentz, ExtraTorrents and many more.

5. Travel Cheaper

When you book your flights on a travel website, your IP address and location is often monitored by them. They charge you a price higher than the normal for the booking depending upon your location. Why use a VPN while booking my flights or hotels? A VPN helps to prevent the tracking activities by the travel companies, helping you to save money on your booking.

6. Defeat Geo-Blocking

Many countries have regulations put in place for restricting access to websites on the basis of the user’s location. This can be a hindrance in case you are traveling and want to access geo-restricted websites. The reason why you should use a VPN is that it helps you unblock such websites while traveling for work or holiday.

7. Privacy and Security

A VPN protects you from hacking and phishing attacks while working on the internet. The sophisticated encryption protocols like SSL, IPsec and PPTP ensure that your data is securely coded and accessible by authorized entities only. Some VPN providers have an inbuilt firewall on their VPN servers to prevent any malware and viruses from invading your device. The reason why many businesses use VPN for their websites is to safeguard their sensitive data from theft or misuse.

8. Cloud Storage

Some VPN providers offer packages with cloud storage facility for users. You can easily upload your files or data on the VPN cloud servers securely and access them over the internet anytime, anywhere. Cloud storage facility can be useful for business users to store their sensitive data online.


Before summing up, it would be interesting to know that a VPN is widely used in various industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking and finance sectors. These industries outsource the VPN services in order to function efficiently. They use the VPN to upload or transmit their confidential data securely. So, it can be well concluded that a VPN has a great utility wherever you find internet!

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